I'm Not One of Those People Who Needs Therapy

Did you know that when we’re training to become therapists, a lot of our graduate school programs actually require that we go and see a therapist?
That’s right. The very people that are training to become listeners and supporters are asked to seek someone else to listen and support.
Because in all honesty, everyone could use a therapist from time to time.
There’s a beauty about walking into a safe space with someone who is there to be non-judgmental and non-critical of your situation. Someone who is not emotionally involved in your life and biased in their views of what you need to do to feel better about what you’re going through. Someone who is completely on your side and wants to see you feel better with no personal gain.
Therapy is a beautiful process. It can be so rewarding and helpful but also know that therapy calls you out of your comfort zone. It’s hard. Raw. Vulnerable. It requires you to bring things out of yourself that you have wanted to keep hidden. Things that make you feel sad, embarrassed, shameful, guilty, unworthy, less than. We, as your therapists, call you to come out of hiding because we believe there is more and there is better for you. With all of our hearts, we really do believe it and that’s why we do what we do.
So maybe you’ve seen depictions of therapy or therapists on TV (most of them have not been great). Maybe you’ve heard your friends talk about their own therapy. Maybe you’ve longed for a place where you could feel safe enough to really dig through all the junk you’ve been holding onto. Maybe things just feel a little off and you want to figure out why. Whatever it is, there is help and support. Whatever it is, you deserve to feel hope.
There has been a stigma around mental health that we want to break. It’s time to stop calling people “crazy” and start acknowledging that we’re all just human. Therapy is not off limits to anyone. There is no criteria for “crazy” here.
We promise you it’s okay to be “one of those” people because we are all “one of those” people.

Joanne Shi, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

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